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How It Works:

Most odor removal companies rely on one or two over-the-counter products to remove odors.

Zoom is the ONLY odor removal service that has partnered with chemists that are experts in 'Green" chemistry to provide the safest,
21st century solutions based on natural, plant based extracts. No other cleaning or odor removal company makes this claim.

No two odors and thier cause are alike and neither is our solution.

The Zoom exclusive 3 Step Process

Zoom Natural Odor Removal professionals are equipped with our Trademarked suite of tools
Guaranteed to eliminate all odors. Our trained technician will utilize one of more Zoom proven methods to
assure odors are completely and safely eliminated without any additional charges.
Depending on the source and type of odor we will utilize one or all of these field tested methods:

SmartTouch Odor Clean - Some surfaces will need to be cleaned to begin the odor removal process.
We utilize our exclusive Odor Clean formula to safely oxidize and breakdown odor causing substances.
Odor Clean is non-toxic, non-hazardous and contains no harmful ingredients.

SmartTouch™ Odor Correct - We are proud of our Odor Correct formula! we've partnered with the most talented,
natural based chemists to develop the safest, unscented odor removal made by nature.

SmartTouch Dri-Oxy Process - For those difficult jobs where odors have filled indoor spaces we may chose to use 
our Zoom Dri-Oxy Process system to penetrate every corner and hidden area. Zoom Dri-Oxy process requires just an
hour or two to safely seek out and oxidize odors and the substance that is causing them.

Optionally we may offer our SmartShield Antimicrobial Defense application where odors are caused by organic substance
including urine, mold and mildew. Once the SmartShield Antimicrobial has been applied to a surface it remains bonded
until it is abraded off or painted over providing 24/7 protection against odor causing bacteria, mold, mildew, fungus and aglea.
SmartShield Antimicrobial is E.P.A. Registered, odorless, invisible and non-toxic.

What Our Customers are Saying...

*You deodorized 100 Harvey Ave for Lisa S. a couple of weeks ago.  I am the listing agent and just wanted to thank you for a job well done! Could you possibly send us a brochure and your web site address. We would like to have your information on hand and therefore able to refer sellers to you when necessary.

*Yes, there was no trace of smoke smell.
I am very satisfied with your work and I thank you for returning my investment back to its best state!
We signed a contract on Sunday!