Hello Ron,
I want to thank you for helping me remove the cigarette smoke smell from our rental apartment.
Here is my story...
"3 months ago my tenant moved out leaving a cigarette smell behind. Whatever we did we couldn't get rid of it ( painting  washing every corner ) but  in vain. I called many companies to get the service, no one was positive about cigarette smell. I called health department  to find the formal way to freshen the air. Nothing helped. The new  tenant couldn't completely move in. Finally while I was  searching again I found your company ZoomOdors.com and a late hour. The next day I called and Ron answered. He was the first person who gave me a positive response but the company was in NJ and we were in Boston. He gave his time and knowledge to tell me step by step what to do for odor elimination. He said "We do the same process at Zoom using the same products''. He sent me the products the second day of our conversation AND we did exactly what he explained and we got excellent results. When I returned the next day there was no smoking odors. The tenant is very happy now and we are grateful for Ron's help."
Nadia A.