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“A whopping 88 percent of the agents said that in any case, it's more difficult to sell homes where the residents are smokers.”

About 44 percent of the agents surveyed said smoking will reduce a home's value by some measure. Of these, one-third said the reduced value may range from 10 to 19 percent; another one-third said it could lower the value by 20 to 29 percent. That is, of course,
if the homes find buyers at all.

"Through the years, I've seen a lot of homes where people only smoke outside or in the garage, you'll walk through a home and not suspect anything, and (you) hit the garage, and it's overwhelming."

ZOOM  Odor Removal Experts eliminate ‘third hand smoke’ and the odors left behind from ALL surfaces without chemicals. 100% Guaranteed. 

“Although a difficult topic, Realtors agree that pet odors, especially cat urine, will instantly kill a home sale.” 

Many pet owners have become accustomed to their pet smells and fail to realize their presence in their home. Even though this is a topic that needs to be done with finesse, it is best to discuss the possibility of a negative showing upfront. Most pet owners will understand ‘some people don’t like cats’ faster than ‘your house really stinks!’

A Zoom™  Odor Removal treatment will eliminate the odors from cat urine, dog odors and all other pet odors in just one visit. Zero chemicals and safe for pets and kids.

The Zoom technician will search for signs of pet urine utilizing a
powerful UV light and then eliminate it with any one of four exclusive ‘Green” technology odor removal agents and / or systems 

“Mold and mildew odors can be particularly scary for homebuyers. Find out the source of any moisture entering the home and remedy the issue. “

Due to the recent floods, in all parts of America, home buyers are much smarter when it comes to the dangers of mold and mildew in our homes. Don’t start out with a negative experience. Dry up those areas, use a waterproofing paint to keep them dry and call your Zoom odor Removal Technician.

The Zoom process will eliminate stale and musty odors as well as kill the organisms that cause odors. We can then spray surfaces with SmartShield our Patented, E.P.A. Registered safe antimicrobial to prevent the growth or mold, mildew bacteria and fungi for 5 years. 

What Our Customers are Saying...

*You deodorized 100 Harvey Ave for Lisa S. a couple of weeks ago.  I am the listing agent and just wanted to thank you for a job well done! Could you possibly send us a brochure and your web site address. We would like to have your information on hand and therefore able to refer sellers to you when necessary.

*Yes, there was no trace of smoke smell.
I am very satisfied with your work and I thank you for returning my investment back to its best state!
We signed a contract on Sunday!